Environmental policy

In Herdade dos Grous we are committed to render an excellency in service and contribute for a sustainable development of the tourism industry.

In Herdade dos Grous we undertake the engagement to apply appropriate measures to prevent pollution and promote resources conservation.

The Declaration of the Environmental Policy of Herdade dos Grous is in keeping with the requirements defined by the referential system “Eco-Hotel”, developed by certification company TUV Portugal:

  • Identify opportunities to apply environmental practices in working actions, including water and energy consumption reduction, without affecting the service level rendered to the Guests;
  • Fulfil the applicable legislation and regulation;
  • Management and all Collaborators have a clear understanding of the principles that support the Environmental Policy and are engaged in continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System, namely through identifying effective ways of waste management;
  • Promote near the Suppliers the application of Environmental Practices;
  • Co-operate, at local and regional level, in sensitising for the environmental matters, whenever requested.